NHDD 2023: Start planning today! Vermont Advance Directive Week: April 9-16 | National Health Care Decisions Day: April 16
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Checklist for Advance Directives

These steps may be helpful to you as a reminder of things that might be good to check on as you plan and fill out the document:

I have talked with my agent and alternate agent, if any, about this document before appointing them and they understand my wishes.

I have included my agent(s) addresses and phone numbers on the document or on an attachment which will be included with all copies.

I have listed the people to whom I have given or plan to give copies.

I have an extra copy for myself. (If either I or my agent makes additional copies for others to have, we will communicate this to each other when these copies are made and distributed.)

My family and friends have been included in this process to the extent that I wish them to be involved or informed of my wishes.

I have talked this over with my primary care physician and they understand my wishes.

I understand that I should review this document every few years to make sure it still accurately expresses my wishes.