Helpful Tools for Decision-Making

Below are tools that you may find helpful in the process of medical decision making:

Helpful Tools

Guide to Choosing Your Health Care Agent

A step-by-step guide to choosing your health care agent/proxy. Created by The Conversation Project and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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Patient Values Questionnaire

A list of questions that can help you think about your values as they relate to medical care decisions. You may use the questions to discuss your views with your health care agent and others, or you may write answers to the questions as a help to your agent and health care team.


Medical Situations & Treatment Worksheet

A worksheet to help you think through possible treatment plans for common medical situations that may arise.


Conversation Starter Kit

A starter kit to help you organize your thoughts and talk to your loved ones about end-of-life care.


My Living Voice

An interactive decision aid that can help you with the process of advance care planning.


Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else

A resource to answer questions that may arise to help guide you in the process of making medical decisions for someone else.


PREPARE for Your Care

PREPARE for your care is an advance care planning program with video stories to help individuals voice their medical choices, talk with their doctors, and share the information with loved ones.


Medical Decision-Maker Quiz

A tool for you and your health care agent to take to create better understanding about goals.


How to Talk to Your Doctor

A toolkit for talking with your doctor and/or health care team to make sure they know your preferences regarding end-of-life care.


Talking With Your Clinician About the Future

A one-page guide to help you prepare for a conversation with your clinician about what is ahead and how to plan.


Difficult Conversations Workbook

A workbook to help patients understand and communicate their own questions, concerns and priorities so they can become more effective partners in their own care.


Checklist for Advance Directives

A reminder of things that might be good to check on as you plan and fill out an Advance Directive.


Talking About Your Illness With Loved Ones and Caregivers

A booklet designed to help you talk with your loved ones about your illness and the future.


Go Wish Game

A card game to think and talk about what's important if you or a family member becomes seriously ill.


Hello Game

A conversation game about living and dying and what matters most to you.


Thinking Ahead Workbook

An advance care planning workbook for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.