Recordings from Informed Consent: More Than a Piece of Paper

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Thaddeus M. Pope, JD, PhD – Informed Consent: Ethics & the Law

Guy Maytal, MD – Complex Situations: Psychiatric Patients at End-of-Life

Thaddeus M. Pope, JD, PhD – Ethical & Legal Considerations in Honoring Do Not Spoon Feed Requests

Guy Maytal, MD – Capacity & Consent: Limits in Cases of Mental Illness & Dementia

Zail Berry, MD, MPHSurrogate Consent for Serious Illness Decisions

Honorable Jeffrey Kilgore, JD & Honorable E. Tobias (Toby) Balivet, JD – Consent Under Guardianship

Diana Barnard, MD – Code Status Discussions & Consent

Cindy Bruzzese, MPA, MSB, HEC-C & Erika Smart, JD– When Patients or Surrogates Refuse 

Thaddeus M. Pope, JD, PhD – Consent for Unrepresented Patients in the Intensive Care Unit