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Ethics Articles & Resources


Dr. Mildred Solomon on Disability Rights and Bioethics

March 18, 2021: INCLUDED The Disability Equity Podcast

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Filing Suit for 'Wrongful Life'

January 22, 2021: The New York Times

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Coronavirus Mutation Panic

December 22, 2020: The Hastings Center


Black Women Can’t Breathe

September 17, 2020: The Hastings Center


Fair Compensation for Rare Vaccine Harms

September 9, 2020: The Hastings Center


The Way We Ration Ventilators Is Biased

April 15, 2020: The New York Times


On Being an Elder in a Pandemic

April 13, 2020: The Hastings Center


The Price of Going Back to Work Too Soon

April 6, 2020: The Hastings Center


Triage Is the Moral Choice in an Emergency

April 1, 2020: Wall Street Journal


It’s Time to Talk About Death

March 27, 2020: The New York Times


When Doctors Help a Patient Die

May 13, 2015: The New York Times


Overruling My Father

April 8, 2015: The New York Times


Cost of Treatment May Influence Doctors

April 17, 2014: The New York Times


When Doctors Need to Lie

February 22, 2014: The New York Times Sunday Review


Ignoring the Science on Mammograms

November 28, 2012: The New York Times


Waste in the Health Care System

September 10, 2012: The New York Times


Overtreatment Is Taking a Harmful Toll

August 27, 2012: The New York Times


Testing What We Think We Know

August 19, 2012: The New York Times


The Trouble with "Doctor Knows Best"

June 4, 2012: The New York Times


Let's (Not) Get Physicals

June 2, 2012: The New York Times


When Less Treatment Is More

March 29, 2012: New York Times


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