COVID-19: From the Frontlines

Podcasts and On-Demand Content

Italian PodCast - Nursing in Northern Italy

A conversation with a new graduate nurse working in Northern Italy who is working in a COVID hospital at the frontlines.


'It's Like a War' (The Daily from The New York Times)

A conversation with an Italian doctor triaging patients north of Milan about the road that may lie ahead.


Palliative Care on the Front Lines of COVID-19 (GeriPal)

A conversation with Dr. Darrell Owens, DNP, MSN, head of palliative care for the University of Washington's Northwest campus, a community hospital in Seattle.


Ethics Talk: COVID-19 Pandemic Response (AMA Journal of Ethics)

A discussion of the ethical challenges, including resource scarcity and medical worker obligations, that arise during pandemics with public health expert Dr Matthew Wynia.


Pediatric Ethics Podcast: Ethics & Communication During a Pandemic (Children's Mercy Hospital)

Dr. Amy Caruso Brown discusses ethical decisions and communication strategies during a pandemic.


Pediatric Ethics Podcast: Planning for COVID in Washington State (Children's Mercy Hospital)

Dr. Doug Diekema, who has been working with a state planning task force, talks about how they are thinking about Washington state's needs in dealing with COVID-19.


COVID-19: Advice From the Front Lines (American College of Chest Physicians)

Interviews with chest physicians who are on the COVID-19 frontlines, including experience from front-line leaders in China.



The Death of Empathy

COVID denial, anti-masking, and vaccine refusal entered our world, and everything changed.

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Expert: Healthcare Worker Burnout Trending in Alarming Direction (HealthLeaders)

In 2021, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated healthcare worker burnout and the prospects for next year are bleak unless C-suite executives act.


Health workers know what good care is. Pandemic burnout is getting in the way. (NPR)

Medicine is a team sport....How many clinicians need to be experiencing burnout until we see an effect on quality?


A Nursing Home’s 64-Day Covid Siege: ‘They’re All Going to Die’ (The New York Times)

An account of the COVID-19 outbreak at Burlington Health & Rehab Center, the struggle to contain it, and the fallout.


Barre Man Denied Hospice Care Amid Pandemic (VTDigger)

A plea for hospice help in Central Vermont amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the "harrowing experience" that followed.


It’s Time to Talk About Death (The New York Times)

The coronavirus pandemic highlights how much we need to have conversations about end-of-life care.


The Coronavirus and Combatting Global Pandemics (The New Yorker)

A selection of pieces on pandemics and other contagions.


These Doctors Have Specialties. Fighting Coronavirus Wasn't One of Them. (The New York Times)

The pandemic’s spread is creating new challenges for doctors who usually care primarily for patients with particular medical needs.


Medical Students, Largely Sidelined, Are Finding Creative Ways to Help Out (The New York Times)

Disappointed by the abrupt halt to their training, medical students around the country have responded with grass-roots efforts to secure masks, staff patient call centers and even provide child care for beleaguered doctors.