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The Wake Up To Dying Project

An audio story library - using the power of stories to explore death, dying and life.

Here you will find over 100 short audio stories about living, caregiving, dying, grieving and powerful human moments. Stories that have inspired people to say what needs to be said, to forgive, to live more fully, and in many cases, to complete an advance directive.

These stories were collected by the Wake Up to Dying Project between 2012-2017 and have been gifted to Vermont Ethics Network so that they can continue to be explored and shared.

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Soul Transformation

One woman’s thoughts about what happens to the soul after death.

Life Hereafter

A woman describes her Christian belief in the Hereafter and how it impacts her feelings about death.

They’re Waiting for You

At end of life, often people will see loved ones who have already died. A chaplain describes one such story.

The Phone Rang

Right after the death of her husband, she got a surprising phone call…