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Who's Your Person? What's Your Plan?

An Advance Care Planning Initiative for Chittenden & Grand Isle Counties


Who’s Your Person… What’s Your Plan? is a collective impact initiative in Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties working to:

  • Partner with local businesses and organizations to provide information and educational opportunities for staff and employees to plan for future medical decisions.
  • Encourage everyone who is 18 years of age or older to take the first step in the advance care planning process and appoint a health care agent.
  • Engage the community in discussing and planning for future health care needs.
  • Normalize conversations about health care values, preferences and priorities.

Reason for The Project

The Problem

  • Lack of advance care planning means that health care providers, family members and/or close friends may lack knowledge of what a person would or would not want for medical treatment if they became seriously ill or injured.
  • This can create a disconnect between the care that a person desires and the care that they actually receive.
  • In addition, not having conversations in advance of a health crisis means those closest to the person may be left with the burden of having to make decisions without really knowing what the person would want.

The Solution

  • Our initiative strives to create a robust and sustainable educational campaign that normalizes and prioritizes advance care planning throughout our community.
  • By encouraging proactive conversations in advance of a health crisis, our goal is to improve the quality of care individuals receive and ensure that the care is consistent with their goals and priorities.
  • We know that conversations about health care goals and values are a key ingredient in the promotion of health and well-being.
  • If successful, we hope that patients, health care providers and families will be better prepared when there is a decline in health, if accident or sudden illness strikes, or when health deteriorates.

Target Audience

All Vermonters over the age of 18 in Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties. Our project affirms a stepwise approach to advance care planning:

  • Step 1 – appointment of a health care agent – for all individuals over the age of 18
  • Step 2 – completion of an advance directive – for adults with chronic illness or those seeking to provide detailed information about health care goals and treatment preferences
  • Step 3 – medical orders to limit the use of life-sustaining treatment at end-of-life – for individuals who are seriously ill or dying, or who are certain they would not want life-prolonging interventions

In so doing, we are reinforcing a framework that supports individuals at all stages of life and health status to complete the step that’s right for them.


Additional Information

About Us

Information about the partners, staff, and ways to get involved with this initiative.

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Information for Businesses

Learn why businesses should get involved, the importance of advance care planning for employees, and how to schedule a training.

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Progress and Accomplishments

Explore what our initiative has accomplished to date in Chittenden and Grand Isle counties.

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General Advance Care Planning Information

Have general advance care planning questions? Want to know more about what advance care planning is and how to take the next step? Click here.

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This project was initiated by a generous grant from the University of Vermont Medical Center Community Health Investment Fund.