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A collaborative, collective impact initiative in Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties, working to:

  • Partner with local businesses and organizations to provide information and educational opportunities for staff and employees to plan for future medical decisions.
  • Encourage everyone who is 18 years of age or older to take the first step in the advance care planning process and appoint a health care agent.
  • Engage the community in discussing and planning for future health care needs.
  • Normalize conversations about health care values, preferences and priorities.
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Why Partner With Businesses?

Support for advance care planning in the workplace:

  • Helps employees prepare for sudden or progressive illness.
  • Improves quality of care employees receive.
  • Demonstrates business commitment to employee wellness.
  • Reduces costs. By empowering employees to plan for and direct their future care, research shows that individuals often choose a less expensive course—resulting in lower healthcare costs for all.
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Schedule a Training

Our trained network of facilitators is available to deliver a presentation to your employees, volunteers or community group. Thanks to a generous grant from the University of Vermont Medical Center, there is currently no charge associated with these trainings or services. To schedule a training, or for additional information or materials, contact our Project Manager, Sarah Brown.

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What is advance care planning?
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Tools to document health decisions:
Advance Care Planning Forms

Downloadable Resources:

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